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Who we are?

iPodion was founded in 1993, since 1999 we use the corporate form of a GmbH (Limited). We can offer our clients more than 20 years of experience in IT support and maintenance.

We offer service and support for small networks or even single-user-installations up to networks with a few hundred nodes in several branch offices. More than 20 years of understanding and adapting to the necessities and structures of large corporate entities allow us to provide rapid results in client projects.

We aim towards long-term relationships with our clients. Many of them have been working with us for more than 10 years. We aim to know your specific requirements and future targets and adapt your infrastructure accordingly.

As our client, you have a responsible technician as contact, who knows your sites, your employees and your setup. That technician is backed up by specialists and analysts for planning and coordination.

We do not depend on any specific hardware or software providers. The solutions we recommend are streamlined for your business needs. Our solutions take the size and structure as well as our clients budget into account. Our target is a scalable and sustainable infrastructure that fits your budget.

Our engineers are well-versed technicians, but no tech-geeks. Our clients state their needs in their language, we translate into hard-/software and are able to explain that solution.

Some setups need very specific soft- or hardware or require close cooperation with uplink providers. In these cases we work as local liaison officers managing the translation and localization tasks.

What we can do for you?


We work independently from specific providers and aim towards a long-term cooperation. We find the best solution for your requirements!

All-round-service for Windows/UNIX/Linux-Environments

From the initial network-planning to all aspects of management and maintenance. Your IT is our job.

Anticipating future needs

We know our clients - most of them for many years. This enables us to recognise bottlenecks before they turn into problems. Your IT needs to remain resilient and adaptive!

There, when you need us

We are available when you are working, even outside our official business hours.

Support and Maintenance

On-premise support

Unless remote support cannot do it, you are the one who decides if we resolve menial issues on-site or by remote support. Hardware-Maintenance or serious network problems will always require a personal appearance, while most user-support-issues don't. In emergencies it usually takes us some 3 to 4 hours until we are at your site. Routine maintenance will happen at an agreed date or on a "jour-fixe".

Remote support

Many issues can easily be resolved by phone or remote-support. Software configuration, user management, log and update-management - none of these tasks will require on-premise-support. Together with you and as fast as possible - trouble-shooting the way you expect it!

Full service

Our support reaches way beyond local and remote support for your users. iPodion is partner with all relevant cloud-service-providers, we manage all minor or major projects around your infrastructure. We relieve you of communication tasks and talk to your provider, electrician or software-engineer. Tell us your needs, we organize the results!

Server Management

Servers are among our most important comtetencies. On-premise, at the data-center oder in the clouds. We keep it running smoothly, do the updates required, check the log-files and any configuration or installation task your applications need.
We are the "tech" behind many internet-companies and web-agencies cooperating with the application design team and the developers to keep databases and web-apps running at their most responsive.

Why us?

How much time can you spend without full access to your IT-infrastructure? Are you sufficiently confident, that your data is protected against dangers such as attacks, software-failure or power-outages? Are all your computer-managed workflows working as efficient as you need them to?

iPodion has been assuring smooth operation of IT systems for over 20 years, for clients in all areas and sizes. We focus on long-term relationships to our clients. Most of them have been working with us for several years.

We are available for all concerns working as your out-sourced IT-department, and coordinate any third-party specialists you might need.

Our engineers know what they are doing - yet they speak your language, understand your needs and translate them into technical solutions.

How to contact us

Go ahead and call us or send e-mail for an individual appointment!

iPodion GmbH
Fernkorngasse 10 B2 / 2.2
1100 Wien

+43 1 216 329 850-0

iPodion bietet EDV-Dienstleistungen für Windows/Linux Netzwerke und Server im Raum Wien.
Fernkorngasse 10 B2 / 2.2
Österreich 1100